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We make the short-film "The Cosmonaut’s journey" into a full feature film "The Cosmonaut".

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The reading of "Poetry for Cosmonauts" gives the future film a final shape.

  • 18, JAN, 2009

    We manage to get two training cosmonaut suits, which will accompany us throughout the adventure, and with which we will shoot the film two years later.

  • 24, JAN, 2009

    We decide to fund "The Cosmonaut" through Crowdfunding.

  • 16, FEB, 2009

    We meet Henry Pierrot, the author of "Poetry for Cosmonauts", who joins the project.

  • 20, MAR, 2009

    We travel to Star City (Moscow) the impressive location over which we will obsess throughout the project.

  • 15, APR, 2009

    The prestigious Vostok studio supports the project and decides to create our website.

  • 22, APR, 2009

    Laszlo Kovacs creates the logo of the film, the Hummingird.

  • 24, ABR, 2009

    We introduce the project in Medialab (Madrid) and on an improvised auction we get our first producer.

  • 11, MAY, 2009

    We launch the website that allows you to become a producer.

  • 23, JUN, 2009

    Eduard Artemyev, composer of our admired Andrey Tarkovsky, allows us to use the music he composed for "Solaris".

  • 27, JUN, 2009

    El País calls us "the most stimulating project in Spanish cinema" on a full page article of their weekend supplement.

  • 30, JUN, 2009

    Festival "Cosmonauts": Famous indie bands play in benefit of the film.

  • 12, JUL, 2009

    Our first investor.

  • 20, AUG, 2009

    In 10 minutes we finance the second print of "Poetry for Cosmonauts", the book that is part of the origins of the film.

  • 14, OCT, 2009

    We attend Power to The Pixel in the UK. The idea of transmedia profoundly transforms us.

We reach 1000 producers. We make a party to celebrate it. We can’t fit in the venue.

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  • 21, JAN, 2010

    Teaser of the film. An immediate success. Stas (by then still "Stan") is our great friend and incredible actor Carlos Martínez Abarca.

  • 11, FEB, 2010

    Nicolás writes the script. We decide, after careful consideration, to do the film in English.

  • 7, APR, 2010

    WIRED mentions us as "one of the greatest successes of collective creativity".

  • 3, MAY, 2010

    Teaser Remix Experience: over 100 remixes of the Teaser Trailer. Some of them are incredible. It reaffirms us on doing the same thing with the film.

  • 2, JUN, 2010

    We publish our strategy (The Plan), the budget and financial plan and the first copy of the script.

  • 20, JUN, 2010

    Our new web, also done by Vostok. Incredible design.

  • 6, OCT, 2010

    We are chosen by the Latin American Film Training and we travel to Hollywood to learn how it works.

Pre-production begins.

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  • 17, MAR, 2011

    We publish the second teaser. Still with scenes shot in Madrid.

  • 28, MAR, 2011

    We show the faces of our three main characters. Three faces from British film and theatre will play Andrei, Yulia and Stas.

  • 1, APR, 2011

    We travel to Moscow so as not to miss the first snows. We publish the scenes we shoot. They are very well received.

3000 producers.

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  • 2, MAY, 2011

    A promising Russian co-producer appears.

  • 6, MAY, 2011

    We close some spectacular locations in Latvia while we finish the rehearsals with the actors.

Our Russian investor falls through. We launch the Save The Cosmonaut campaign to get at least 40.000€ in one month. We manage 130.000€ in three days.

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  • 4, JUN, 2011

    Shooting starts.

  • 27, JUN, 2011

    We stream the shoot live.

  • 15, JUL, 2011

    Principal photography finishes.

  • 31, OCT, 2011

    We introduce The Plan 2, a "recap" of our previous strategy.

  • 4, NOV, 2011

    First trailer with scenes from the film.

  • 24, FEB, 2012

    Last stage of editing

We finish the editing, almost a year after shooting the film. Three soundtracks. 80 minutes of feature film. 80 minutes of transmedia. Many easter eggs and a documentary.

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  • 15, AUG, 2012

    We are joined by Entropy (FX), Pecera Estudio (Sound) and Joan Valent (Original score) thanks to 80.000€ from Pepephone.

  • 23, OCT, 2012

    Two years after reediting it, Poetry for Cosmonauts is sold out.

  • 13, OCT, 2012

    Vení starts working on the awesome animation for the closing credits.

  • 23, NOV, 2012

    We finally close our final strategy and publish "The Plan 3".


Final trailer is launched, we announce a date for the premiere (May 18th). All three are an outright success.

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